Perl scripts

Some scripts I have made which may be usefull for others. It is my way of saying 'Thank you' to all those people who made the Open Source software I use.

Production of HTML pages

I am the editor for an electronic news letter in the form of some web pages. Here you can find some scripts that I use. Documentation is included (PDF-format) but can also be read online.

You also need my module

Website Maintenance

I maintain two websites. I develop and test them locally and after testing I upload the files to the real site.
Hereyou find the scripts I use for this purpose.

You need Perl/Tk and you also need my module

The needed modules can be find here

Deleting spam mail

Three scripts to handle spam mail. All scripts make a connection via Net::POP3, so you need this module too. The mail messages are only partly read and can be thrown away on the server. Handy if you do not have ADSL....


A Perl/Tk program to generate maze's using one of three algorithms
  • depth first
  • randomized Kruskal
  • randomized Prim
Reference: Maze generation algorithms

My program: MazeGeneration


I use jigl for generating HTML-presentations of images. For a friend I made a site with photo's of her paintings. Being an artist she did not like the tabular structure of the output of jigl. So I made a program FreeJiglIndex.
It must be called after running jigl. The program takes the generated index.html and creates a new version. It is driven by a specific configuration file.
A template configuration file (with lots of comment) can be generated by applying a command line option --makeconfig