One thing I like about Linux c.s. is the flexibility. *nix has a lot of tools you can use in any way you want, even in ways the application designer had not think of.

An example

Recently I got a CD with a lot of photo's on it. Alas, when I put the CD in my CD-reader I could not mount it.

I tried to read the CD with Windows XP: same result. So it looked the CD was corrupted. Asking the sender for a new CD was something I tried to avoid.

I copied the CD with dd into a large file. Then I examined the structure of JPG/Exif files. They start with a fixed bitpattern of 4 bytes.

I wrote a small Perl-scripts which read the outputfile of dd. As soon as the bitpattern was seen, I opened a new file, copied all the data to the file upto the next bitpattern.

And when I opened the outputfile in the Gimp I saw the photo's.

The motto of Perl (TIMTOWTDI or There Is More Than One Way To Do It) can also applied to *nix!